Minutes & Agendas

View recent council minutes, or see what’s on this month’s agenda.

The Town of Sackville holds two public meetings each month: Discussion Group meetings (Special Council meetings) and Regular Council Meetings.

Whenever possible, audio and video recordings will be posted within 72 hours of a meeting.

Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted to this page on the Thursday before the meeting.

Recent Council Meetings

Date Type Minutes/Agenda Files Listen Watch
Jun 11, 2018  Town Council Agenda
Jun 4, 2018  Special Council Minutes
Jun 4, 2018  In-Camera Minutes
May 15, 2018  Town Council Minutes
May 15, 2018  In-Camera Minutes
May 7, 2018  Special Council Minutes
May 7, 2018  In-Camera Minutes
May 3, 2018  In-Camera Minutes
Apr 9, 2018  Town Council Minutes
Apr 3, 2018  Special Council Minutes
Apr 3, 2018  In-Camera Minutes
Mar 12, 2018  Town Council Minutes
Council Meeting Archive