Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project Update – June 13, 2017

UPDATE: June 13, 2017

Work continues to progress on the Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project. Residents will now have noticed a variety of heavy equipment on Lorne Street, as well as machinery on the east side of Lorne Street. We have lots of activity between the two sites!

As most residents are aware, we had a Boil Water Advisory last week. While we were cutting, and connecting into the existing water system to start the new water lines for Lorne Street and St. James Street, we ran into some complications. These complications were unforeseen, and resulted in a drop-in pressure which forced us into a Boil Water Advisory for, thankfully, a short period. Unfortunately, construction project of this nature often come with some complications, especially when working with old infrastructure, which we certainly have in the Lorne Street and St. James Street area. Some of these pipes were installed in the 1930s!

At the present time, Bowsers Construction is installing the new sanitary sewer and water mains around the St. James Street/Lorne Street intersection and are heading towards Allison Avenue. Work will continue in this direction until they reach Bridge Street.

Beal and Inch Construction is currently working on the main drainage ditch behind Lorne Street (to the east), towards Crescent Street. You will have noticed what appears to be a road along the newly dredged ditch. This in fact is an access road, which will allow our crews to maintain these ditches in the future. Don’t forget that ditches are a major part of our stormwater management system throughout the town! Rest assured that these access roads are not intended to be used by other vehicles, so they will be properly gated and signed as part of this project. Work on the major ditching, in this area of Lorne Street, will continue over the next few weeks.

We are asking motorists and pedestrians to avoid the Lorne Street area as it is currently a construction site. However, businesses are open during the construction but visitors are asked to take an alternative route to their point of destination to maintain safety and avoid delays. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during the construction period.

We’ll be posting regular updates as work progresses. If there is any additional information that needs to be distributed, we will post the appropriate messaging on our Twitter and Facebook sites. Stay tuned for future updates!

For further information on the Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project, please contact Jamie Burke, Senior Manager of Corporate Projects, at 364-4930 or j.burke@sackville.com.