Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project Update

What a summer! We are very happy to see the new pavement, curbs and sidewalk now installed on Lorne Street, as well as the new pavement and ditching on St. James Street. While most of the work is now complete, there are a few deficiencies that the contractor will be addressing over the next few weeks. Both Phase I contracts progressed on time and on budget. The Phase I work, valued at over $5.3 million, was funded under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and we are grateful to the Federal and Provincial governments for their financial contributions.

The focus is now on Phase II, getting the stormwater from Lorne Street to the Tantramar River. We hosted a public information session on Phases I and II on November 1, 2017. In case you missed it, the engineered design will see stormwater being captured and stored in large naturalized ponds in and around the Lorne Street and St. James Street area and a series of large above-grade drainage ditches that will store, transport and discharge stormwater to a new aboiteau structure at the Tantramar River. Presently, our engineering consultant, Crandall Engineering, is working on the detailed design drawings in advance of Phase II going out to tender. We anticipate construction getting underway in early 2018, once the Environmental Impact Assessment process is completed. As the project progresses, we will continue to update the public via our website and social media channels. In addition, we will also be hosting another public information session once the preliminary design of the stormwater retention ponds is completed. Stay tuned for further details!
Lastly, we want to sincerely thank the public and businesses in and around the construction site for their patience and understanding during the project. We know that large scale construction projects like this can cause some headaches, so we really do appreciate your cooperation over the course of the summer.