Waterfowl Park Photo Contest Winners Announced

After much deliberation, the Town of Sackville is excited to announce the winners of the second annual Waterfowl Park Photo Contest. Many spectacular entries were received, and it was very hard to chose three winners, but in the end the judges chose the following:

Under 10 – Zane Power for his photo of the Doncaster Bridge and a boardwalk.
Under 18 – Davin MacAskill for his photo of a yellow Warbler bird feeding her babies.
Adult – Paula Lushington for her photo of the Common Grackle.

A runner up was also chosen for the under 18 and adult categories. They are:

Under 18 – Kenzie Power for her panoramic view of the Park.

Adult – Barbara Brush for her photo of a Virginia Rail.

The Town wishes to once again thank all those who submitted a photo, and we look forward to next year’s contest!