Bordertown Festival Looking for Ways to Improve 5th Edition

The Town of Sackville will be presenting the fifth edition of the Bordertown Festival in 2019. Bordertown is a sample of Sackville’s many festivals, art galleries, local businesses, and restaurants. The Festival is, “about crossing the lines that categorize our community, working together, and celebrating all that this small town has to offer”. Past editions of the Festival have featured events in music, fine arts, and theatre, and have also had many activities for children and families. It has included a mix of some of Sackville’s most popular local performers along with performers with a regional and national profile.  Some performers in recent editions have included Lennie Gallant, David Miles, and Kenny James.
In an effort to engage with Town residents, and to improve the upcoming edition of the Festival, a survey has been created for presenting partners, potential performers, and audience member. The survey will allow people to give input on what works well with the Festival, what could be improved, and when it should be held. The deadline for submitting responses to the survey is January 4, and it is available by clicking here. For more information contact Ron at 364-4938 or at