Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project Phase II Update

UPDATE: January 15, 2019

Construction is underway!

Phase II of our Lorne Street Stormwater Mitigation Project got underway on January 8, 2019.

The contractor, Birch Hill Construction, is now clearing the trees and shrubs on portions of the site and moving the snow so that they can start to excavate. Where this is a naturalized pond, not all of the trees are being removed. The trees that are remaining on site have all been flagged, so if you see ribbons of some of the trees, it’s to let the equipment operators know to save them.

A temporary construction office has now been established near the service road on Charles Street. This office is staffed 24 hours a day and strict safety protocols are in place. Where this area is now a construction site, the service road between Charles Street and St. James Street is currently closed to pedestrians.

Our Public Information Session on January 7, 2019 was very well attended. Town staff and our engineering consultant leading the project, Crandall Engineering Ltd., were one hand to provide an overview of Phase II, which included the final design plans and the anticipated construction schedule associated with the new naturalized stormwater retention pond and associated works in the Lorne Street, St. James Street, Charles Street and Crescent Street areas. Check out the renderings, which you can see here – just keep in mind that they are a representation only and are not a construction drawing.

Over the next few weeks, the contractor will be working to drive the frost into the ground to help stabilize the site. They must do this to build frost roads that are able to support the necessary equipment. This will require some operations throughout the night (because it’s at its coldest period), which will consist of a bulldozer tracking back and forth, literally, possibly dragging large tires for additional weight, for several days (weather depending).

To help expediate this process, the contractor has asked to take advantage of the cold weather forecasted for this weekend, being Saturday, January 12 and Sunday, January 13. After the weekend work, we expect the contractor to continue driving the frost in the ground for several nights the following week. Rest assured though, this will not be a regular construction schedule, where most of the work will be carried out from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Once the site is stabilized with frost, they will start excavating the site for the start of the pond. This is a big excavation, which will require almost 50,000 m3 of earth to be removed from the site. The contractor will be approaching this work strategically and in segments, so that the size of excavation is more manageable.

The contractor has also finalized the disposal sites and the necessary trucking routes. Material from the construction site will be trucked to Queens Road – near Frosty Hollow (Civic No. 283), and Crossman Road – near Charlotte Street (Civic No. 102). The contractor will utilize two sites so that they can take advantage of the freezing temperatures, which will allow them to use one site while the material at the other is freezing and alternate between the two sites. Trucks will be leaving the site via Lorne Street, and then on to Queens Road for one site, and from Queens Road to Fairfield Road and then on to Crossman Road for the other. Both sites were approved by the Southeast Regional Service Commission. The contractor is aware of the school zones and the peak periods at our local schools, and our engineering consultants will be monitoring truck routes regularly.

In the meantime, we want to continue to remind residents that this is a short-term solution, but it allows us to make significant improvements with the funding that is available. The long-term plan remains unchanged, which will eventually see stormwater redirected to a new lower aboiteau at Tantramar River (near our Engineering and Public Works facility) via a new large drainage ditch. This work will only be possible with future funding. Until the long-term goal is achieved, this area of our community will still vulnerable to flooding.

We’re very excited that Phase II is officially underway. We want to sincerely thank our residents and business community for their continued support and patience with this project.

Stay tuned for a future update on a disposal site and trucking route in the next few days.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Jamie Burke, Senior Manager of Corporate Projects, at 364-4930 or j.burke@sackville.com.