Statement from the Town of Sackville Regarding the Installation of a Military Vehicle in Memorial Park

The Town would like to provide further information regarding the proposed installation of a military vehicle in Sackville’s Memorial Park. Mayor Higham has confirmed that the Mayor and Council received documentation from the 8th Canadian Hussars that the group has respectfully decided to withdraw the donation and, therefore, the installation will not move forward.

The donation of the military vehicle to the Town of Sackville was made earlier this year by the 8th Canadian Hussars as a way to honour their relationship with Sackville and the contributions and sacrifices made by Canada’s veterans. Council considered and approved this donation at a council meeting held on February 11, 2019.

In the interim, we have received feedback from the community reflecting a number of different perspectives on this donation, including those of the indigenous community. After hearing these perspectives, the Hussars made the decision to withdraw the donation and offered to explore alternative ways to memorialize the special relationship between the Hussars and the Town. We thank the Hussars for their generosity and the positive gesture.

Given the perspectives that have been shared on this issue, the Town looks forward to positive discussions on the future development of Memorial Park and establishing suitable plans to recognize all veterans.

The Special Council meeting scheduled for July 2, 2019 includes presentations on this issue. Given the Hussar’s decision to withdraw its offer of the gift of the vehicle at this time, the presenters have been advised accordingly. The agenda has been set for the Special Council meeting, and therefore it will be up to the presenters to determine if they still want to address Council considering the Hussar’s decision.