Sackville Tourism & Business Development Department Looking to set up Meetings With Local Business Owners/Operators


The Town of Sackville Department of Tourism and Business Development is interested in holding one-on-one meetings with local business owners and/or operators throughout the months of August, September and October.  These individual meetings will allow owners/operators the opportunity to discuss their ideas about tourism and business development, give the Town the opportunity to share some updates on the development of the Provincial and regional tourism strategies and the Town’s Business Development Strategy, and prepare for larger public group meetings in the fall to update the Town’s tourism strategy.

“We would like to meet with as many individual owners or operators as we can in these next few months”, said Manager of Tourism and Business Development Ron Kelly Spurles. “This will help us to have a good exchange o information and ideas which will prepare us for moving forward effectively in the future.”

Any business owners or operators interested in meeting with Mr. Kelly Spurles and Senior Manager of Corporate Projects Jamie Burke should contact Ron at or at 364-4938.