Pretty Archie headliner at Fall Fair Sept. 20th

Pretty Archie is an Americana/Bluegrass/Roots band from Cape Breton, NS. They are known for their entertaining, high energy & foot stomping shows. The honest, heartfelt writing connects listeners with a saltwater perspective on modern living. The music finds common ground in the blurred genres of Country, Americana, Bluegrass and Blues. Their unique sound has lead to the band developing a following that grows after each show they play — across audiences throughout Canada.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has a well known reputation for creating great musical talent. From The Rankin Family to Ashley MacIsaac to the late Rita MacNeil, this artistic hotbed on the country’s East Coast has produced some of Canada’s best musicians. From this proud region now comes Pretty Archie, a folk-bluegrass-country group from Cape Breton that will impress audiences with their strong chops…..With their impressive blend of folk, blues, bluegrass and country this band has produced a great sound that is oodles of fun to listen to” – Alejandro Bustos (, Ottawa)