Waterfowl Park Artist-in-Residence Presentation and New Video Premiere to be Held

On Wednesday October 2, at 7 pm, members of the public are invited to join Sackville Waterfowl Park Artist-in-Residence Andrew Wilson, and video makers Sandy Burnett and Anas Nanes, at the Sackville Visitor Information Centre 34 Mallard Dr. for an evening of Waterfowl Park themed art unveiling. The evening is a presentation of the Town of Sackville.

Andrew Wilson will present on his summer 2019 project “Needles and Threads: Stitching together Sackville’s Stories” which looked at how the Sackville Waterfowl Park is the geographical heart—and for some the emotional heart—of the town of Sackville. Wilson’s project explored the centrality of this significant location via the medium of the fibre and fabric arts.

The evening will also include the unveiling of a new five-minute video titled “A Bird’s Eye View of the Tantramar Marshes”, a short documentary video designed to give guests at the Sackville Visitor Information Centre an overview of the natural and human history of the dramatic landscape that borders our community. Featuring dramatic aerial views and intimate closeups of marshland geography and wildlife, it is the product of a collaboration between videographer and editor Anas Nannis and writer/narrator Sandy Burnett. Beginning with views of the marsh as it might have appeared to a passing bird centuries before any human presence, it traces the transformation of saltmarsh into dyked farmland and, more recently, into extensive areas of freshwater conservation projects such as the Tantramar Wetland Centre and the Sackville Waterfowl Park.

For more information on the evening, email visitor@sackville.com or phone Ron at 364-4938.