Funding for Yorkshire and Foundry anniversaries in 2022 – Partners needed!

Two significant anniversaries will be happening in Sackville next year, and partners are needed to present cultural events about each of them. The year 2022 marks 150 years since Enterprise Foundry was founded in Sackville (and 160 years since the founding of the Fawcett Foundry), and it also marks 250 years since Yorkshire settlers came to this area.
The Town of Sackville will be coordinating an exploration of the Yorkshire Settlers arrival. And Live Bait Theatre will be coordinating the celebration of the founding of the Foundries.
The Town and Live Bait are looking for partners who would like to present works related to the anniversaries in 2022. The two anniversaries will be separate, although groups can potentially participate in both of them with different projects. For example, Sackville Art Museum could have a show for the Yorkshire anniversary, and propose a sculpture for the Foundry celebration. Or a group could just apply to be part of one of the anniversaries. Some examples of projects related to the anniversaries would be: a display or art exhibit; a dance show; a concert (of period music, or music directly connected to the theme); a walking tour of important sites in the anniversary story; a talk on the subject; an art work, music, poetry, or other art inspired by the subject; and other cultural projects with a direct connection to the anniversary.
Funding to pay for projects is potentially available through the Canadian Heritage Building Communities Through Arts and Culture Program. The funding is for projects that present the work of local artists, artisans and heritage performers or specialists (they won’t pay for people who aren’t local);  actively involve members of the local community (they love volunteers, but artists can be paid); and are intended for, and accessible to, the general public (they won’t fund things that are limited to members or some restricted group).
And there are some restrictions on eligible expenses. Possible expenses include:
  • Costs of recruiting, training, supporting and recognizing local volunteers (e.g., food, non-alcoholic beverages, distinctive clothing)
  • Fees and expenses for local artists, artisans, and performers of local heritage activities
  •  Fees and expenses related to the exhibition of artwork by local artists and artisans
  • Fees related to copyright and other related permits except for alcohol
  • Costs of publicity aimed at the local population
  • Presentation expenses, including equipment rental costs (e.g., rental of costumes, lighting, sound equipment, tents)
  • Logistical expenses (e.g., traffic barriers, portable toilets, garbage bins)
  • Venue rental and set-up costs
Funding can include capital projects up to a maximum amount of $25,000 (such as community art projects, restoration of objects, community history books, statues and murals).
The deadline for applications is April 30, so the Town and Live Bait would want to have all our participants confirmed by April 7 to give them time to complete the application.
PLEASE NOTE MEETING DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED – If you are interested, an information meeting will be held March 31 at 7 pm. To access the meeting click here.
You can also contact Matt Pryde at the the Town of Sackville directly ( about the Yorkshire anniversary, or Cynthia Spurles at Live Bait Theatre ( about the foundry celebration (you don’t need to attend the meeting to put forward a project). If you are considering proposing a project, please contact them by April 1.
They look forward to speaking with you more about these anniversaries. Please also feel free to share this information with anyone you think might be interested.
Town of Sackville                    Live Bait Theatre