2021 Poetry Writing and Video Contest Winners!

The Town of Sackville is excited to announce the 2021 Poetry Writing and Video Contest winners.

Thank you to all the wonderful writers who entered and to Marilyn Lerch and Janet Hammock for their time and dedication.

Congratulations to the  writers below!

The Stream (1) by Lily Baerlocher, Salem Elementary, Age 5-9

FIRE (1) by Quinn MacAskill, TRHS, Age 13-15

Monsters in the Closet (1) by Serena Davis, TRHS, Age 16-18

AS A GIRL (1) by Rachael Hanakowski, MTA Student

‘Serotiny’ (1)by Anne Lautenschlager, Adult (19+)


Congratulations to the creative videos below!

1st place, Shelley Miller

2nd place, Quinn MacAskill

3rd place, Dominick Fournier

We will be posting the winning selections in our Sackville newsletter, on our social media, and in the storefront window at Tidewater Books.