Independent Workplace Assessment of Sackville Fire Department Now Complete

This past April, the Town of Sackville retained the services of Montana Consulting Group out of Moncton to conduct a workplace assessment of the Sackville Fire Department and its operations. This action was taken in response to various personnel issues within the Fire Department. The Town takes such matters very seriously and committed to an independent and impartial process to examine the concerns.

The workplace assessment is now complete. The assessment provides a comprehensive review of the Fire Department’s operations. Over 30 firefighters (both current and past) were interviewed as part of the process.

The results of the assessment focus exclusively on operational matters and provide concrete recommendations. There are several areas that will require attention in order to address the 20 recommendations provided in the report. These actions will be implemented by the Chief Administrative Officer with the support of Council and will include dialogue and consultation with firefighters.

Sackville Town Council and the Sackville Fire and Rescue personnel have both met with the consulting team to hear the results of the workplace assessment. As to be expected, since the results and recommendations are human resources related, they will not be made public and will remain confidential.

Every employee with the Town has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. While change will take time over several phases, we strongly believe that when fully implemented, the results of the assessment will improve the workplace.