Town Response to White Paper on Local Governance Reform

The Province of New Brunswick launched a process to modernize New Brunswick’s local governance system in November of 2020. The reform process has comprised of three phases:

Phase 1: November 2020 – February 2021

  • Determine framework for reform process
  • Initial engagement of key stakeholders
  • Launch Local Governance Reform website
  • Establish supporting committees / working groups

Phase 2: March 2021 – June 2021

  • Release of green paper (Working Together for Vibrant and Sustainable Communities)
  • Public and stakeholder engagement

Phase 3: July 2021– December 2021

  • Analysis of public / stakeholder feedback
  • Release engagement summary document (What We Heard)
  • Release of white paper
  • Initial steps toward implementation

The Province released its White Paper on Local Governance Reform today. Staff are working on reviewing the document to determine what the implications for the Town of Sackville will be. We will be in a position to respond to questions in the coming weeks as we make our way through the paper.

We are pleased to see the Province of New Brunswick moving forward with the local governance reform process” said Mayor Shawn Mesheau. “The White Paper that was released today is an aggressive and fundamental change in local governments structure and operations across our province. We learned today that our own municipality will change considerably and grow with the amalgamation of the Village of Dorchester, 40% of the Dorchester LSD, the Sackville LSD and the Pointe de Bute LSD. This will have profound and unprecedented impacts on our own community. Council and staff will be working diligently over the coming weeks and months to fully comprehend these projected changes and will work closely with the Province of New Brunswick’s transition team and regional stakeholders to work through the White Paper actions.

Please keep an eye on our website for updates as we work our way forward.