Town launches Voyent Alert! emergency notification system

The Town of Sackville is partnering with Voyent Alert to keep residents safe and informed in the event of an emergency.



The Town of Sackville is launching a new emergency alert system called Voyent Alert! Voyent Alert is a multi-purpose communication service that is designed to support communities with enriched media alerts during critical emergencies.

Voyent Alert goes beyond the offerings of traditional platforms with the ability to personalize information, maps and visuals. These enriched alerts provide users with relevant information, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions.

Alerts will be sent out for critical events in Sackville, such as extreme weather, flooding or a gas line break. As residents get more familiar with the system, it can be expanded to include road closures, utility outages, or boil water advisories.

During an emergency event, it’s critical that we be able to communicate quickly and clearly with residents” says Fire Chief Craig Bowser. “Voyent Alert is easy to use, both as an administrator and a user”.

Staff are always looking for ways to improve resident services” says CAO Jamie Burke. “A system like Voyent Alert gives us the ability to provide important information to our community members using the platform of their choice”.

Key facts:

  • Voyent Alert services over 230 communities across Canada and over 1 million residents.
  • Registration to receive alerts is free, anonymous and easy to use for residents/recipients.
  • Multi-channel delivery ensures anyone can register. Notifications can be sent via:
    • Mobile app (48.1%)
    • Text (21.0%)
    • Email (13.6%)
    • Voice to phone or landline (17.3%)
    • Public Online Portal (check it out on the Public Safety page)
  • Voyent Alert can send both day-to-day informational and critical emergency alerts.

Register today:

Residents can register to receive emergency alerts from Voyent Alert. Get the Voyent Alert app at the App store or Google Play. For email, sms or phone registration register here.

Contact Information:

Kieran Miller, Senior Manager of Corporate Projects
Town of Sackville
(506) 364-4930