Upcoming construction on Bridge Street

As follow up from the demolition of #3-5 Bridge Street in December, 103 Main Street (RBC) is getting some repairs and weatherproofing completed to their facade. This requires equipment to be set up in Willow Lane and on part of the sidewalk on Bridge Street. There is no anticipated closure of Bridge Street in the scope of this project.

Because of the demolition and overhead power lines, the contractor (M&G Renovations) has to work from both Bridge Street and Willow Lane to reach the building facade. They’ve indicated their priority will be Bridge Street first to reduce the impact on the public. The contractor is working with staff to construct a temporary sidewalk extension to maintain pedestrian access along the south side of Bridge Street.

The upper portion of Willow Lane behind RBC will be closed to thru access throughout the project, however deliveries for businesses on Main and Bridge Street should not be impacted.

The contractor is hoping to take advantage of a break in the weather to start setting up Tuesday afternoon (March 8th) and work beginning on Wednesday . The project is expected to take between 5-10 business days.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Kieran Miller, Senior Manager of Corporate Projects
(506) 364-4930