2022 Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

The Town of Sackville would like to thank all of the participants and Congratulations to you all!

Our 2022 judges Marilyn Lerch and Janet Hammock would like to pass along a special message to each of you:  “Every poem we read had something compelling about it.  Every poem was a flame burning with meaning.  So whether you won or not, we want to thank you for your talent and to urge you to please keep writing poetry.  Our world needs your words.”

The winners of this year’s Poetry Contest Entries are listed below.  Click on link below their name to read their poem!

Lily Baerlocher (Ages 5-9)

The Robin

Millie Suter (Ages 10-12)

Dreaming to Waking

Isabella Blakney (Ages 13-15)

Under the Wave

Serena Davis (Ages 16-18)


David Archibald (MTA Student)

Day Spent

Anastacia Merrigan (Adult)

November 27-11:42 A.M.