World Migratory Bird Day to be Celebrated May 13

This May 13th will be World Migratory Bird Day (#WMBD2023)! There are events planned – check out the poster here for details!

We are also fortunate to have many of local experts contributing to bird research locally here in Tantramar, and there are some opportunities for the community to help out as well. Check out these programs shared by the Atlantic office of Birds Canada in Tantramar:

Maritimes SwiftWatch program – Throughout the Town of Tantramar, from late May through July, Chimney Swifts breed in open, brick chimneys. You can help conserve them by reporting observations of swifts entering a chimney to Birds Canada or reaching out to help survey specific sites.

Maritimes Marsh Monitoring Program – Join an exciting and challenging survey to get you out in the regions many wetlands! The MMMP requires strong birding skills and the ability to travel to and hike through marshes. Register through our data portal or contact Birds Canada. 

Project NestWatch – Find a bird nest near you? This is a great program to report nest habitat, timing, and success data that helps scientist monitor the breeding timing and location for species, including understanding changes related to climate change. Register on the data portal to participate.

Contact Graham Sorenson ( about these Birds Canada opportunities in Tantramar.