Lorne Street Storm Water Mitigation Project Phase III Update June 6

Construction for Lorne Street Storm Water Mitigation Project Phase III is well underway.

Beale & Inch have been hard at work over the past month in the Pickard Quarry. The control structure, inlet, outlet and overflow pipes have been installed and the dyke material placed and shaped. Over the next few weeks, they will complete installation of the liner, placement of the rip rap and ditch culvert pipe.

The quarry portion of Phase III is proceeding well. If work continues at this pace, we expect it to be completed sooner than August. We appreciate the cooperation from Quarry Lane residents.

Beale & Inch are working on the first of three street crossings. Crescent Street is currently closed as the crew works to install two new culverts, and reinstate the water, sewer and gas lines. They are working on the service road and the ditching between Crescent Street and the aboiteau. Work at Crescent Street should continue until the end of June, and then the Beale & Inch crew will move to the Sloan Drive crossing once Crescent Street reopens.

Residents may have heard that in May, the Province of New Brunswick released a list of projects selected for support under the Climate Change Fund as part of $47 million committed in the 2023-24 provincial budget. This list included $2.4 million for a new aboiteaux for the Lorne Street project. Details are still being worked out between Tantramar and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, but this is exciting news for Sackville and Lorne Street Phase III!