Moneris’ Generosity Celebrated at the Veterans Memorial Civic Centre

SACKVILLE, NB – On a sunny Wednesday morning, the Veterans Memorial Civic Centre was abuzz with gratitude and community spirit as the Municipality of Tantramar came together to celebrate a significant donation from Moneris. The leading payment solution company generously contributed $50,000 to the community, a gesture that resonated deeply with all in attendance. Funds were used to purchase exercise equipment for the mezzanine at the rink and playground equipment for Richard Park. 

The event saw a diverse mix of attendees, from council members and municipal staff to Moneris leadership and representatives from local ice sports teams. The atmosphere was one of mutual appreciation and recognition of the importance of community partnerships. 

Deputy Mayor Greg Martin took to the podium, his words echoing the sentiments of many. “This is amazing, that a small community like ours would have a business that cared enough about the folks in our area to make a donation that would help all of Tantramar as we grow.”  

Following Deputy Mayor Martin, James Hicks, CEO of Moneris, shared his thoughts. “This is home, we want to give back, you have my commitment to do so.” 

The event was more than just speeches and formalities. It was a reminder of the power of community collaboration and the positive impact businesses can have when they invest in their communities. As attendees mingled, shared stories, and looked to the future, one thing was clear: the bond between Moneris and the Municipality of Tantramar is strong and will undoubtedly lead to more collaborative successes in the future. 


Moneris Cheque
Deputy Mayor Martin Accepting Moneris $50,000 Cheque from Moneris CEO James Hicks