Tantramar Committee of the Whole Meeting Highlights – October 23, 2023

Tantramar Committee of the Whole Meeting Highlights – October 23, 2023

Yesterday was our scheduled Committee of the Whole Meeting on October 23, 2023, and we’re excited to share some highlights with you!

Budget Talk with the Regional Service Commission

We kicked things off with a presentation from the Regional Service Commission about the upcoming 2024 budget. The Regional Service Commission filled us in on how they’ve been gathering ideas from all over to create a budget that works for everyone. They reminded us that when we work together as a region, we can do great things! It’s all about setting goals we can reach, including everyone in the process, and always looking for ways to do better. And of course, making sure we’re getting the best bang for our buck and being open about how we’re spending it. Click here for the full power point presentation.

Winterfest 2024: Let’s Light Up the Sky!

Next up, we talked about our favorite winter bash – Winterfest! We’re planning to close some streets to make room for the fantastic fireworks show. This decision is moving on to the regular council meeting for the final say.

Supporting Local Business: Quest Capital’s Big Plans

Quest Capital have some big plans for a commercial building at 35 Main Street and they’re hoping to get a little support from our Economic Development Incentive Program. This one’s also heading to the council meeting for a final decision.

Green Moves at the Dorchester Veterans Community Centre

The Climate Change Advisory Committee is thinking green! They’re suggesting we put in two Level 2 EV chargers at the Dorchester Veterans Community Centre. We’re on it and sorting out the details.

Branding Tantramar: Almost There!

In our Community and Corporate Services Update, we’re just about finished our big branding initiative. It’s important to remember that this exercise is more than just a new logo – it’s a whole new look for Tantramar, from our letterheads to our vehicles. We can’t wait to show it off when it’s complete!


Thanks for being a part of our community and stay tuned for more updates after our next council meeting.