November 7th Special Meeting Cancelled + Update

Special Council Meeting Update: Draft Budget 2024 and More

Tonight’s scheduled special meeting of the council has been canceled. However, we understand the importance of keeping our community informed and involved in the municipal process!

For those who missed it, last night’s special meeting was a significant one, where we delved into the the 2024 draft budget with a bit more detail. The meeting also covered pivotal topics such as the future of RCMP policing in Tantramar and the exciting potential acquisition of a new truck for our Public Works Department. This new addition to our fleet is could play a crucial role in maintaining our streets during the winter, ensuring they remain clean and safe for all.

The full recording of the meeting is available for viewing, providing an opportunity for everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest developments: Watch the Meeting.

We encourage our community members to watch the session and stay informed about the decisions that shape our town. Your insights and participation are what help us build a stronger, more connected Tantramar.

Stay tuned for updates on the rescheduling of the canceled meeting and further discussions on these important matters. We thank you for your understanding and continued engagement in our community’s future.