Tantramar’s Nov 14, 2023 Council Meeting: Celebrating a Milestone Budget and Key Community Decisions

🎉 Historic Budget Approval for Tantramar! In an exciting and historic move, the Tantramar Council has unanimously passed the very first budget for our unified Municipality. This marks a significant milestone in our journey as a collective entity, paving the way for a prosperous and well-managed future. The total operating budget is set at $16,707,191 with tax rates listed as follows:

  • Sackville Town: 1.5389
  • Dorchester Village: 1.5415
  • Dorchester LSD: 0.6411
  • Sackville LSD: 0.5625
  • Point de Bute LSD: 0.7637

This budget reflects our commitment to growth, sustainability, and community welfare.

🎆 Winterfest 2024: A Spectacular Celebration!

  • Get ready for Winterfest 2024! The council has approved an agreement with MAC Fireworks for a breathtaking fireworks display. Ford Lane will be closed on February 9, 2024, to accommodate this event, ensuring a safe and spectacular experience for everyone.

🏗️ Economic Development and Community Enhancements

  • The council approved an Economic Development Incentive Program application for a commercial building at 35 Main Street.
  • The Wastewater Surveillance Program will see the installation of an autosampler at the Crescent Street Lagoon, enhancing our environmental monitoring capabilities.

🚒 Enhanced Safety and Services

  • The council has approved an increase in RCMP officer complement, ensuring better safety and service for our community.
  • A significant investment in fleet and emergency response vehicle equipment was approved, further strengthening our preparedness and response capabilities.

🌐 Infrastructure and Community Projects

  • The council has greenlit various infrastructure projects, including storm sewer work, sidewalk renewals, facility upgrades, and more, totaling an impressive $1,515,000.
  • Plans for a new Dorchester Fire Station and the proposed relocation of the Dorchester Library are underway, signifying our commitment to community development and safety.

🌳 Environmental Initiatives and Waste Management

  • The council approved a contract extension for waste collection with Miller Waste Systems, ensuring efficient and environmentally responsible waste management.

📜By-Laws and Levies

  • By-Law No. 2023-09, relating to the establishment of a Special Business Improvement Area Levy, was given its third and final reading.
  • The Business Improvement Levy Budget for 2024 was approved, supporting Mainstreet Redevelopment initiatives.

This council meeting was a testament to our community’s resilience, forward-thinking, and commitment to growth. We’re excited to embark on this journey together, building a brighter future for Tantramar!


Watch the full meeting on our Tantramar YouTube Channel.