2024 Small Capital Grant

The Tantramar Small Capital Funding Program was designed to provide monetary support to local associations that are pursuing a one-time capital or equipment purchase and is limited to ½ of the total costs of the proposed project, to a maximum amount of $5000.

Prior to submitting a Capital Funding Program Application groups are required to contact the Department of Active Living and Culture to arrange a meeting to discuss their project in detail. Please call 1-506-364-4946 or e-mail m.pryde@sackville.com.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
a. For infrastructure funding:
i. Groups must be a non-profit organization
ii. Groups must have title or at least a 7-year lease to the property to which they wish to apply funds, be able to demonstrate precedent in using the property in question and demonstrate no threat exists to that arrangement. (The Town bears no responsibility for the legitimacy of deeds or leases submitted for the purpose of this application).
iii. Groups operating community halls and church halls are eligible to apply as long as they are used to provide recreational or cultural activities to the general public.
iv. Groups must submit 3 letters of support for the project.
v. Groups applying for playground apparatus must demonstrate that all equipment under consideration meets all CSA standards, including ground preparation.
vi. Groups purchasing recreational or sporting equipment must clearly demonstrate the intended use of the equipment and how it fits into the overall long-term plan of the organization.

The deadline to apply is October 15, 2023.

Groups who received funding in 2024 are required to file a report (template will be emailed to you) before December 15, 2024 or new applications may not be considered.