2024 Special Events/Projects Grant

The Special Events/Projects Funding Program has been designed to provide financial support to local associations that are hosting a special event or would like to introduce or enhance a programming opportunity within Tantramar. Associations must meet the eligibility criteria to receive support.

Applicants may apply for projects under the following categories:
a. Special Events (recurring or nonrecurring)
b. New Projects
c. New Programs
d. Program Enhancements

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
a. Groups must be a non-profit organization offering one or more of a wide range of community-based activities, programs, or services including: cultural, artistic, children and youth, seniors, heritage, and environmental topics.
b. The Special Events/Projects Funding program will cover up to ½ of the total costs of the proposed project, to a maximum amount of $5000 for special events/projects and $1000 for programming opportunities.
i. Special Events Criteria:
• Events must encourage Recreational or Cultural Programming or hosting provincial or national level competitions.
• Events must be open to the public and be within the boundaries of Tantramar.
• The Tantramar must be recognized as a sponsor.
ii. Special Projects Criteria:
• Groups creating new recreational/cultural opportunities or expanding existing programs/activities to reach a new/different user group.
• Fundamental items include promotions, facility/equipment rental, leadership costs and supplies.
• Groups seeking aid to offset the costs of supplying “qualified” leadership for a community recreation program. “Qualified” refers to leadership positions that demand certification or accreditation of those filling them.

The deadline to apply is October 15, 2023.

Groups who receive funding in 2024 are required to file a report (template will be emailed to you) before December 15, 2024 or new applications may not be considered.