Cast Your Vote Now: Help Name Our New Sidewalk Plow!

Cast Your Vote Now: Help Name Sackville’s New Sidewalk Plow!

We’ve sifted through a flurry of fantastic suggestions, and now it’s over to you, to choose the winning name for our new sidewalk plow. The creativity and wit of our community have truly shone through, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top five names. Now, we need your vote to decide which name will be emblazoned on our new plow!

The Finalists Are:

  1. S’no Problem
  2. Luke Sidewalker
  3. Snowzilla
  4. Nor’Easter Beaster
  5. Vincent Van Snow

How to Vote:

Voting is simple! Just click on the link below and select your favorite name from the list. Remember, every vote counts in giving our new sidewalk plow an identity that we can all be proud of.

👉 Click Here to Vote

Voting Period:

The voting starts today and will end on January 19th. Make sure to cast your vote before the deadline!

What Happens Next:

Once the votes are tallied, the winning name will be announced on our website and social media channels. We will then get to work creating the decals that will showcase the chosen name on the plow.

This is more than just a naming contest; it’s a way for our community to come together and add a personal touch to the services that keep our town running smoothly during the winter months.

We are excited to see which name will lead the pack.

Thank You for Participating!