Celebrating Service and Dedication: Tantramar Staff and Fire Service Awards 2023

We take immense pride in honoring the commitment and dedication of our team members who have reached significant milestones in their service to the Tantramar community. Their contributions over the years have been invaluable, and it’s our privilege to acknowledge their hard work and loyalty.


Tantramar Service Awards:

10 Years of Service: Bradley Allen, Ron Kelly-Spurles, Kirk Read, Paul Spence

15 Years of Service: Cory Johnson

20 Years of Service: Fred Crossman

30 Years of Service: Michael Beal

35 Years of Service: Deanna Cadman


We’re also thrilled to spotlight the exceptional members of Dorchester Fire and Rescue, Point De Bute Fire Department, and Sackville Fire & Rescue, who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment in 2023. Their bravery, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence make them true pillars of our community.


Tantramar Fire Service Awards:

Dorchester Fire and Rescue:

10 Years: Wade Settle

15 Years: Jacques Poirier

25 Years: Dennis Reid

30 Years: Gary McCarthy, Jason Holmes


Point de Bute Fire Department:

40 Years: Allison Amos, Wayne Wells


Sackville Fire & Rescue:

5 Years: Brandan Estabrooks

Rookie Firefighter of the Year: Jared Prescott

Firefighter of the Year: Adam Stiles

Training Award: Wade Palmeter


We applaud their service and dedication, a true inspiration to us all. Their contributions have been essential in nurturing a safe, vibrant, and thriving community.

Each of these members has gone above and beyond in their service, demonstrating what it truly means to be courageous. Their contributions not only ensure our safety but also inspire us with their resilience and dedication.