Council Meeting Highlights – February 13, 2024

Council Meeting Highlights – February 13, 2024

Council Highlights offer a brief overview of the latest municipal discussions. For detailed records, please consult the officially adopted minutes available after the next Regular Council Meeting.

Key Decisions & Community Enhancements:

  • Well Pump Replacement: Approval of a crucial upgrade to Well No. 1, ensuring the reliability of our water supply. A temporary solution is in place until the new pump installation.
  • Community Grants Empowerment: The council has approved substantial grants aimed at fostering local initiatives and organizations:
    • Operational Grants: $69,800
    • Special Events/Projects Grants: $34,950
    • Small Capital Grants: $5,000
    • Sponsorship Grants: $250

These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to community support and infrastructure resilience.

Next Steps: Stay engaged with our progress by attending the next council meeting on February 26, 2024, either in person or via live stream on our YouTube channel.

For more details on our recent meeting and future updates, visit Council Meeting Stream.