Council Meeting Highlights – February 26, 2024

Committee of the Whole Highlights – February 26, 2024

Committee of the Whole was held on February 26, 2024, where Tantramar Council discussed several key initiatives that will be carried forward to the next Regular Council Meeting on March 12, 2024.

Key Motions & Initiatives:

  • SERSC Waste Collection: A regional approach for managing waste collection contracts was discussed, aiming for improved coordination and cost-efficiency.
  • Dorchester Lift Station Upgrades: Council will consider awarding the Tender to the upgrades to enhance sewage management, ensuring environmental compliance and community health.
  • Sackville Water Treatment Plant Maintenance: Maintenance of the chlorine system was discussed to ensure continued safe water supply. A motion will be brought forward at the March Regular Council Meeting.
  • Policy Updates: The council will consider approving policy updates including Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Harassment and Violence, reinforcing Tantramar’s commitment to a safe and respectful work environment.
  • FCM Annual Conference Participation: Council discussed sending three (3) Councillors to the annual FCM 2024 Conference, underlining the importance of national municipal collaboration. A motion will come forward in March to approve sending Councillors Allison Butcher, Matt Estabrooks and Barry Hicks as representatives.
  • Sackville Fire Department Equipment: The essential purchase of new protective equipment for the fire department, ensuring firefighter safety and readiness was discussed, with approval coming forward in March.
  • SappyFest 2024 & Friday Night Cruise: Support for these community events was requested, showcasing Tantramar’s vibrant cultural scene and community spirit.
  • Tantramar Visitor and Events Guide: A Motion for the printing of the 2024 guide will be discussed in March , enhancing tourism and local business visibility.
  • Mountie Day: Mayor Andrew Black proclaimed March 28, 2024, as the tenth annual “Mountie Day” in recognition of the important contribution that Mount Allison Athletics makes to our community. We encourage all of Tantramar to show your support on March 28th and wear your garnet and gold.

Did you miss the meeting? Watch it here!

Upcoming Council Meeting:

The next Regular Council Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2024. The community is encouraged to participate in person or watch the live stream on our YouTube channel for updates on these initiatives and more.