Committee of the Whole Discussion Highlights – April 22, 2024

Committee of the Whole Discussion Highlights – April 22, 2024

As no decisions are made during the Committee of the Whole, these discussions are vital for shaping future Council actions and enhancing our community in Tantramar.

Local Planning and Zoning Initiatives:

  • Dorchester Zoning By-law Text Amendment: Discussed allowing day care centers in the Village Core Zone, which would help sustain services locally.   
  • Highway Commercial Zone Development Agreement: Council reviewed a change that would allow more flexibility in how properties can be used, to help businesses adapt more easily.

Strategic Community Development:

  • Strategic Planning Services: Updates on the Strategic Planning Request for Proposal aimed at guiding municipal goals and community priorities.
  • Shared Access Agreement for 35 Main Street Sackville: Discussed creating a shared access with the Municipal Office and Dental Clinic.

Infrastructure Enhancements and Community Programs:

  • Asphalt Patching and Infrastructure Repairs: Plans for extensive asphalt patching to address winter damages across Dorchester and Sackville (NBDTI handles former LSD roads).
  • Middle Sackville Lift Station: Proposal for a critical upgrade to the control panel to ensure continued functionality and reliability.

Cultural and Community Engagement:

  • Sackville Street Chalk Art Festival: Proposal to close part of Bridge Street for our beloved Sackville Street Chalk Art Festival.
  • DCS Daycare Agreement: Consideration of a new 3-year rental agreement for DCS Kids Daycare at the Dorchester Recreation Centre, supporting essential community services.

Stay Updated:

Join us for the next Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, either in person or via live stream on our YouTube Channel, to continue engaging with municipal progress and decisions.

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