Enhanced Connectivity Coming to Tantramar’s Public Safety Network

Press Release
For Immediate Release: May 13, 2024

Enhanced Connectivity Coming to Tantramar’s Public Safety Network

SACKVILLE, NB – The Municipality of Tantramar is pleased to announce a significant upgrade coming to its public safety communication system, aimed at enhancing connectivity across different agencies and services in the region. This system upgrade includes transitioning the dispatch responsibilities for fire services from Sackville Hospital Staff to the Codiac Dispatch Centre.

During a recent council meeting, key municipal officials discussed the implementation of new communication protocols that will allow various emergency and public service departments, including police, fire, and ambulance services, to communicate more effectively. This initiative will integrate improved technology and establish dedicated talk groups, ensuring all units can operate within the same communication channels seamlessly.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Response Times: By improving communication channels, emergency responders can coordinate more efficiently, leading to quicker response times in crisis situations.
  • Increased Safety for Residents: More effective communication directly translates to enhanced safety measures for all residents of Tantramar.
  • Cost-Effective Operations: The new system is designed to streamline operations and reduce overhead costs by consolidating communication efforts.
  • Professional Dispatch Services: Transitioning to Codiac Dispatch Centre, known for their professional dispatch services, will provide enhanced dispatch capabilities and interlink connectivity with other emergency services using the Trunk Mobile Radio System.

The system upgrade, scheduled to be fully operational by June 30 represents a major step forward in public safety and emergency preparedness for Tantramar.

Fire Chief Bowser from Sackville Fire & Rescue shared his enthusiasm about the upgrade, stating, “This change to a more specialized dispatch service through Codiac enhances our capability to respond swiftly and effectively. It provides our teams with the information they need to ensure the highest level of safety for our community.”

Fire Chief Partridge from Dorchester Fire and Rescue commented, “We are hopeful this will be a good step forward.”

Fire Chief Dixon from Point de Bute Fire Department remarked, “We’re excited to have all teams on the same communication platform as other major services. Our response times are going to be more cohesive and aligned for the communities we serve.”

Important Note: Nothing will be changing for anyone dialing 911. That process will remain seamless for everyone.


For more information, please contact:
Jeremy McLaughlin
Communications Officer, Municipality of Tantramar