Because every penny counts

The cost of doing business in the Town of Sackville is lower than in most cities in Atlantic Canada and New England. Your money will go farther when it comes to:

  • property taxes, both commercial and residential
  • water and sewer rates
  • buying or leasing property
  • cost of living
  • competitive wages

Want to crunch the numbers?

Water and sewer

Water and sewer are billed quarterly March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. The meter charge shall not be less than 30 cubic meters quarterly, and charges are per cubic meter.

Metered Water

  • $35.10 Minimum Charge for 30 m3 or 6600 Gallons
  • $1.17 per m3
  • $35 Flat Rate for Water Treatment per quarter

Metered Sewer

  • $30.60 minimum charge for 30 m3 or 6600 gallons
  • $1.02 per m3
  • $35 Flat Rate for Sewer Treatment per quarter
  • Total Minimum Charge per quarter: $135.70

Charges of Each Separate Occurrence

  • Hook-up/Disconnect: $35.00 each
  • New installation — water: $1100.00 minimum charge
  • New installation — sewer: $1100.00 minimum charge
  • Special meter readings/Encumbrance Certificate: $35.00
  • Annual sprinkler charge (July): $492.00
  • Annual hydrant charge (private): $335.00

Property Assessment Tax Rate


  • Municipal: $2.3400 per $100 of assessment
  • Provincial: $2.1860 per $100 of assessment
  • Other — Cost of Assessment: $.0194 per $100 of assessment
  • Total: $4.5454 per $100 of assessment
  • Residential Tenancy Admin. Fee: $.0486 per $100 of assessment
  • Business Improvement Area Levy: $.2000 per $100 of assessment (additional charge for properties located within the Business Improvement Area).


  • Municipal: $1.034 per $100 of assessment
  • Provincial: $1.233 per $100 of assessment
  • Other: Cost of Assessment: $.0194 per $100 of assessment
  • Total: $2.7027 per $100 of assessment
  • Credit: $1.1233
  • Total: $1.5794 per $100 of assessment

Competitive land costs

Lots are currently available in the Sackville Industrial Park at competitive prices. For more information, contact Town of Sackville (506) 364-4930. In addition to the downtown area and the industrial park, the town also has land available for commercial development. Please contact Town of Sackville (506) 364-4930 for information on price, availability and suitability.

Low cost of living

  • The monthly cost of owning and maintaining a house in Sackville is almost 20% lower than in Metro Halifax.
  • Average value of owned dwelling $129,520
  • Median monthly rent $561

Competitive wages

  • New Brunswick’s wages are among the most competitive on the continent. 2009 average annual earnings are anywhere from 3 to 40 per cent lower than anywhere else in North America for: Computer Programmers, Electronics Technicians, Machine Tool Operators, Machinists, Mechanical Engineers, Production Supervisors and Systems Analysts.
  • The number of hours required to be considered overtime in Canada is 44 hours. American companies must pay overtime after only 40 hours. The payroll differential can grow substantially for most production operations.
  • Minimum wage is set at $14.75/hr.

For more information on the savings to be found by doing business here, visit Opportunities New Brunswick.