Dedicated, educated, and ready to help your business grow

Our workforce is:


Sackville has relatively low rates of worker absenteeism and among the lowest rates of workforce turnover in North America. Moderate mobility rates are testimony to the high level of worker satisfaction and loyalty.

Skilled and educated

Sackville residents have higher qualifications than the provincial average; the presence of our top-rated Mount Allison University encourages creativity and innovation.

In addition to the core population of Sackville, employers can access a workforce of 150,000 living within a 30-minute commute. The Université de Moncton and nearby community colleges contribute to the country’s top bilingual workforce.

Growing and active

Our region’s population is growing and the participation rate is higher, which makes Sackville and the South-East attractive for prospective businesses.

  • Population: 149,000–168,000
  • Active Labour Force: 97,000–117,000
  • Number of Jobs: 90,000–109,000
  • Workforce Participation Rate: 5% increase
  • Unemployment rate: 9%–7.9%