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Considering a move to Sackville? Join the independent and creative entrepreneurs, artists, businesspeople and academics who call our thriving, educated community home. Imagine the conveniences of a big city without the sacrifice, and explore why moving to Sackville makes sense.

Health Care
Sackville Memorial Hospital is a 20-bed facility with 24-hour emergency department, day surgery and outpatient services, while the town is home to eight family doctors and one naturopath. Dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, optometrists are also in town, so there’s no need to leave town for services.

Home to Mount Allison University, one of Canada’s top undergraduate universities, Sackville is a great place to help your kids get a smart start. From daycare, to elementary, to high school and beyond, you’ll discover top-quality education with less big-city stress.

Housing Costs
When it comes to buying a house and living expenses, your money goes farther in Sackville. For students, young families, established professionals and retirees wanting to make money go a bit further, this is a great reason to call Sackville home.

Quality of Life
With the safety and serenity of small-town living, with the energy and dynamism of an urban centre, Sackville strikes the perfect balance between work and play that you’ve been looking for.

Thanks to our connections to Canada and the world, Sackville is astonishingly central to many markets and business communities. Whether you’re on the road or working remotely, Sackville has the 21st-century links to keep you in business and working efficiently.

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