Imagine the convenience of a big city with the charm of a small town.

  • Arts and Culture

    We have more art galleries than traffic lights. Enjoy our cafés, restaurants, pubs, theatres, galleries and live music.

  • Waterfowl Park

    Stretch your legs or spend a day on the boardwalks in our award-winning Waterfowl Park.

  • Nature

    Get lost in the Bay of Fundy landscape, on the beach at Silver Lake, or enjoy our trails and public spaces.

  • History and Heritage

    Explore Canada’s last pre-industrial carriage factory, our seafaring days at Boulton House and many other attractions.

  • Culinary Adventures and Boutique Shopping

    Craft beer, good old fashioned Maritime cooking, gift shops, galleries and specialty shops with something for everyone.

  • Festivals and Events

    Bordertown, SappyFest, Fall Fair, Winterfest, and the Sackville Music Festival are just a few.

Sackville is lucky to be home to a fine University which has, for over 150 years, added a vibrancy and a diversity to this charming and friendly little town. The beautiful landscape surrounding the town has encouraged everyone who lives here or visits to engage and enjoy, all in a relaxed and nurturing manner. Art galleries, book shops, ethnic restaurants and cafes all work together to provide the townspeople and visitors alike with an experience that is good for the soul.

Janet Crawford

Owner, Fog Forrest Gallery

After 3 whirlwind tours of the Maritimes to choose our settling place, Sackville beckoned. The size of the town, everything being within walking distance, the pubs, the arts, and the friendliness of the people made it an easy choice. The outdoor activities be it winter, summer, fall or spring, the ocean and the Bay of Fundy are so close by. The tipping point was walking downtown on one of our visits. It was a beautiful winter night, big fluffy snowflakes were falling and a couple stopped us on the street and the lady said to us, "is it not just picture postcard perfect dear?". And it really was !

Wendi Stimson and Barry Martin

Owners, Sackville Bed and Breakfast

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