Student Life

Welcome to your home away from home

Each fall, Mount Allison University students arrive in Sackville in a wave of energy and enthusiasm.

Your presence brings youth, vitality, and a cultural diversity that contribute to making Sackville a special place to live. For students, Sackville becomes a home away from home, where lasting friendships and lifetime memories are made.

You’re now part of our community and Sackville is your new home. Being part of a community requires cooperation, patience and understanding. In Sackville, we build community one neighbourhood at a time!

As a newcomer to our community, we invite you to explore Sackville’s many treasures: enjoy a stroll through the 55-acre Waterfowl Park, a night at the movies, a Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, an annual Corn Boil, an evening of blues, and so much more. From top-notch health care at our local hospital to downtown’s charming shops, Sackville has so much to offer.

What to see what we value Mount Allison? Check out our Sackville At A Glance (PDF)

For further more information on the Town of Sackville, please call us at 1-800-249-2020 or (506) 364-4930.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There’s a loud party next door and it’s after midnight. What should I do?

A: Call the RCMP at 1-800-665-6663.

Q: I am renting an apartment and there are some issues regarding my lease and I need some advice, who can I call?

A: Contact the Office of the Rentalsman.

Q: Who do I call if my neighbour’s garbage is blowing all over my property?

A: Call the Town By-Law Enforcement officer, Monday to Friday at (506) 364-4930.

Q: How does parking work?

A: Parking in Sackville is free. Sackville has an overnight parking ban from December to early May, with no parking on streets from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. If you park on a street during these times, park for more than the posted time limit or park in a no-parking zone you will be fined $50. Parking tickets can be paid in person at town hall with cash or cheque. You can also mail your cheque to us here.

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