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Social Media Terms of Use

Tantramar Municipality Social Media Terms of Use

At Tantramar Municipality, we’re dedicated to cultivating a digital community that’s both inclusive and respectful. Our Social Media Terms of Use reflect our commitment to ensuring a positive and constructive online environment for everyone. By establishing clear expectations for online interactions, we aim to make our digital platforms places where residents can engage, share, and participate in valuable conversations. In doing so, we’re reinforcing a community that values understanding and mutual respect, ensuring our online interactions mirror the core values of Tantramar.

Purpose: Our Social Media Terms of Use guide interactions on Tantramar Municipality’s social media channels. We strive to foster an engaging, respectful, and inclusive digital community for all residents and visitors.

Applicability: These terms are relevant to anyone engaging with our social media channels. By accessing or using our channels, you’re agreeing to these terms and the terms and conditions of the respective social media platforms.

Moderation: While we welcome open discussions on our channels, we anticipate interactions to be respectful. We’ll review comments, and any that don’t align with our terms may be hidden or removed. Persistent or severe breaches could result in a user being blocked or reported.

Unacceptable Content: We’ll hide or remove content that:

  • Contains abusive, defamatory, or obscene language.
  • Appears fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Violates another’s intellectual property rights.
  • Breaks any law or regulation.
  • Promotes discriminatory or hateful speech.
  • Is off-topic, irrelevant, or disruptive.

Accuracy of Information: We strive to share accurate and up-to-date information. However, we encourage users to verify details independently before making decisions. We don’t vouch for the accuracy of third-party comments.

Privacy: Avoid sharing personal details on our channels, whether it’s your information or someone else’s.

Endorsements: External user comments on our channels aren’t endorsements by Tantramar Municipality.

Amendments: We can modify these terms without prior notice. Using our channels during or after any changes means you accept the updated terms.

By engaging with Tantramar Municipality’s social media, you’re agreeing to these terms, helping us maintain a welcoming online space for all.

We appreciate your cooperation.


Download a PDF copy of our social media terms of use below.

Tantramar Municipality Social Media Terms of Use