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View recent council minutes, or see what’s on this month’s agenda.

The Town of Sackville holds two public meetings each month: Discussion Group meetings (Special Council meetings) and Regular Council meetings.

Are you interested in watching a virtual Council meeting or do you want to participate in a virtual Council meeting?

Residents have the option to watch or participate in a virtual Council meeting.

Our virtual Special Council Meetings are streamed live on YouTube starting at 6:30 pm and Regular Council Meetings at 7:00 pm on the day of the meeting unless otherwise noted on the agenda below. If you want to watch the proceedings, just click “watch” below.

If you are scheduled to present to Council, or anticipate taking part in Question Period, you can join the meeting via MS Teams (the chosen technology) by clicking “participate” below. Upon entering the meeting, you will be placed in a Virtual Lobby (you will not hear anything). Once you are accepted into the meeting, please remain on mute and turn off your camera until it is your time to present to Council or raise a question during Question Period.

Whenever possible, audio and video recordings will be posted within 72 hours of a meeting.

Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted to this page on the Thursday before the meeting.

Recent Council Meetings

Date Type Minutes/Agenda Files Watch Participate
October 26, 2020  Special Council TBA
October 20, 2020  Cancelled TBA
October 19, 2020  Special Council Agenda
October 13, 2020  Town Council Agenda
October 5, 2020  Special Council Minutes
September 28, 2020  Special Council Minutes
September 21, 2020  Special Council Minutes
September 14, 2020  Town Council Minutes
September 8, 2020  Special Council Minutes
August 10, 2020  Town Council Minutes
August 4, 2020  Special Council Minutes
July 13, 2020  Town Council Minutes
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