Minutes & Agendas

View recent council minutes, or see what’s on this month’s agenda.

The Town of Sackville holds two public meetings each month: Discussion Group meetings (Special Council meetings) and Regular Council Meetings.


Our virtual Council Meetings will now be streamed live on You Tube starting at 7pm on the day of the meeting unless otherwise noted on the agenda below. You can view the proceedings in real-time by clicking here on the day of the meeting.

Whenever possible, audio and video recordings will be posted within 72 hours of a meeting.

Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted to this page on the Thursday before the meeting.

Recent Council Meetings

Date Type Minutes/Agenda Files Listen Watch
June 8, 2020  Town Council Agenda
June 1, 2020  Special Council Agenda
May 6, 2020  Special Council Agenda
May 4, 2020  Town Council Agenda
April 16, 2020  In-Camera Minutes
April 6, 2020  Special Council Minutes Please note that 37 seconds of this audio recording have been removed because of confidentiality concerns.
March 9, 2020  Town Council Minutes
March 2, 2020  Special Council Minutes
February 10, 2020  Town Council Minutes
February 3, 2020  Special Council Minutes
January 13, 2020  Town Council Minutes
December 9, 2019  Town Council Minutes
Council Meeting Archive