Tenders & RFPs

Tenders & RFPs

The Town of Sackville regularly obtains supplies, materials, and services, and looks to do so in a timely and cost effective manner. The town often procures goods and services via tenders and requests for proposals that are advertised online, as well as in the local newspapers and our website. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality for the lowest price. Standardized purchasing procedures gives all suppliers a fair opportunity to do business with the Town of Sackville.

We proceed with a public tendering process in the following three cases:

  • Goods at $25,000 or above.
  • Services at $50,000 or above.
  • Construction at $100,000 or above.

In all of these cases, the price does not include applicable taxes.

For goods and services that are below the amounts noted above, the Town will regularly obtain quotations to help ensure that pricing remains competitive. All departmental expenditures, including goods and services obtained that exceed $6,000 or $25,000 for Public Works expenditures, require a motion of Town Council.

All tenders and requests for proposals must be on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON) for a minimum of 15 calendar days. Newspaper advertisements and our website are occasionally used in addition to the NBON electronic system.

The Town of Sackville encourages vendors to register their business (free of charge) with the province of New Brunswick’s online tendering system at NBON to stay informed of all procurement opportunities.

RFPĀ  CallsĀ 

TAN-2024-09 Professional Design Services – New Dorchester Fire Station

TenderĀ  Calls


Tender Openings:

2024-07 Minutes for Tender – Queens Road Lift Station Upgrades.docx

2024-08 Minutes for Tender – Station Road Reconstruction Dorchester.docx

2024-06 Minutes for Tender – Asphalt Patching.docx

2024-03 Minutes for Tender – Fire Pumper Tanker.docx

2024-05 Minutes for RFP – Tantramar Strategic Planning Services.docx

2024-04 Minutes for Tender – One New Loader.docx

TAN-2024-02 Tantramar Website Development

TAN-2024-01 Lift Station Upgrades DorchesterĀ